quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2012


Hi my dearest readers :)

I haven't really post anything lately :( I'm so sorry about that !!!

How was X-mas for you? Well, my X-mas day was quite agreeable and I had really good gifts this year, mostly money to spend at Androm (where I'm going next Saturday with Gore (HannakellyGore, for the ones who don't know - she's my bestfriend). I'll make an Haul Video (yeah my first youtube video *.*) next Sunday to show what I got :P

For now I'll show you my gift to myself: a ZOMBIE necklace I was dying to buy for so long:

I bought this at Claire's and it costed about 6€ and it's drop dead perfect *.*

I'll be updating some new the next days because I don't really have anything to do now xD
By the way, my new creepers must arrive next Monday. I bought them at ekstra.pt, click here to see them. I love them to DEATH!!!! The only thing I feel missing is a matching nail polish (which reminds me I have to decorate my nail polish's box). I have to think carefully about that xD

I'll post later :)



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