segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2012

Dear Parents...

(I know I've already made a post like this, but it was a while ago, so I thought it would be more correct if I just wrote it again, for you to know what I think about parents in general and my own)

Dear parents,

We, the gothic / alternative kids, wished you'd read this letter and face it like humans. Don't just read it and say you don't care or that all we say are childish things... We are already old enough to know what we want from our lives. We already know what path to take. We already know what our lives are about to become.
We don't need you to call us emo, baby bats, freaks... there are other people who also call us that outside our homes, and we don't really need you to glance at us by the corner of your eye and shake you shoulders while thinking you have been raising a FREAK KID... We honestly don't need you to tell us that we are your shame. We already know that by your look when we're all together, having dinner, walking on the shopping... We know you don't like us to dress so dark and weird and we know that the first thing you think when you see us with a full black outfit is 'I've raised this demon'.
We don't need to believe your god, we have our own god to believe in: OURSELVES. Because if we didn't believe in ourselves, we would be all alone out there. You don't know how many times we've tried to tell you that religion doesn't matter; that's all an institution trying to brainwash all of us, and that it changes through times... and that above all, We're  not satanic and we don't worship the devil. Because if we did that, we'd have to believe in god as well (they are arch enemies after all, they supposedly create a balance between good and evil) but we don't...
When you see us so dark, it doesn't mean we are depressed... it's only our way to express our dark creativity. If people are allowed to dress fully in white, or fully in pink, why aren't we allowed to dress fully in black? Is it because it represents mourning? Did you know that the official color for funerals in Asia is white?
And that black is usually related to strength? 

I bet you didn't...
When you forbid us to buy something or to dye our hairs on a weird color, you're just fanning our flames. These will never fade... Want to know why? Because as you struggle for us to leave "this bad life", we also struggle to move on with our ideas...
I know you have that traditional vampiric goth or victorian goth stereotype on your heads, and that is hard to distinguish between all of those styles based on black clothing but the truth is there are dozens of gothic variations, and not all of those dress fully in black. And actually, neither do us dress always in black!
Did you know that there are goths who always dress white?
Or did you know that there are goths who you'll never label as goths, because those are inner goths.
Gothic is a culture. Just like a country's culture, but in smaller scales spread around the globe. It is mainly about enjoying the dark side of life (it does not mean it has to be depressive or about the devil), such as the deepest emotions or the scariest fables. And we don't like Halloween because it might be a ceremony that is somehow connected to the devil: just like you have carnival, we have Halloween. And we like to have fun with it.
Why do we label ourselves goths? Well, as you enjoy to belong to a certain family, we also want to have one, one that accepts us as we are, one that understands the way we feel and that support us to carry on. That family we find are those goth friends you meet and blame for our awkwardness.
We're not that influenced! We have our own minds and hearts: that's why after all of those insults we are still the persons we were when they first started.

And having all of this said, I think you might have now an idea of what we have to go trough just because of you, so a little more understanding would be appreciated.

I hope you start making our lives a bit easier. We're not bad people, and beside all: WE ARE YOUR KIDS!!! and you're hurting us too much when you tell us that we are freaks.


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