quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2012

Finally finished the test

Well, now that i'm out of class finally I can post something...
The test was extremely easy and we could all cheat on it because the teacher stayed all the class reading a book on his desk. Oh and this HOT HOT HOT guy had test too. He's like the hottest guy in the whole college: dresses fully in black, wears skiny jeans and creepers, has curly dark hair like Andy Biersack and wears earings *w* he's so hot!!!!
Anyway, that was about half of the time I took to do the test: starring at him, thinking how beautiful he was...

But let's talk about what really matters. Today I went out of house with the creepiest make up ever (only if I had my contacts it would look even better T.T) and my mum was like: What the hell is that on you eyes? For Christ's sake!!! This girl... ; then she turned around and let me do my hair :) I'm happy she didn't forbid me to wear it... Sometimes she does that you know.

This is the make up I'm wearing. I really really like it :)

I'm also wearing my jack skellington tee and my zebra creepers.

So yeah, I may be a freak, but at least I'M A HAPPY FREAK :)



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