segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2012


Today I feel sexy xDDD

Well that's because I've been listening to Jefree Star's song "Beauty Killer"... Really, I don't know why I like his musics. It doesn't have anything to do with my personal music taste but I can't help it xDD

So yeah, today my exams' season ended. I'm really happy and also relieved because I don't have anything else to memorize!

Another thing that also made me really happy was that I found that YOIN (by the GazettE) was composed by Aoi-san *w* and it's like: MY FAVORITE DIVISION'S SONG EVEEER!! (and also that Leader-sama composed KAGO NO SANAGI <3>

I'm happy to know that these other members (specially Aoi-san) are making my favorite songs now ^^ It's not that I don't like Ruki-san's songs, it's just that all my old favorite songs were composed by him and now it feels like there is a new air to breathe.

And for last, I'm about to get into Vacations from 19th December til 13th February *w* I'm so lucky guys! I'll have so much free time to record videos and take photos... or just go out with my friends. I'm really really happy ^^

Also, I have the feeling that this X-mas, even with less gifts and stuff, it's definitively going to be better or... more awesome!!! <3 font="font">
As soon as I have news I'll post. hope you guys like me *0* (and listen to DIVISION's songs as well) 



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