domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2012


Hi everyone!

So, I'm home today to study for my next exams but... I don't really feel like it so I stayed all day on facebook and watching VK videos...
Then I thought to myself 'well, I could do something better and post something or make a tutorial'. I looked in the mirror 'my hair looks like crap'... so I'm just going to tell you why and how I became goth (I know you can not become goth, you are goth... so sorry but I can't really say it another way....)
You guys know how fangirl I was (and still) of the GazettE and any VK bands... I really got into that style. And since my personal style has been stolen by hundreds of other girls I decided I wouldn't want to get fashionable after all of these years of being an outcast... By the way, If anyone does not know, I was one of the first nu goth girls in Portugal... then fashion took that privilege and I became one of the girls...
That time I decided I'd be a gothic lolita (but really, my wardrobe has nothing to do with a lolita so I got that dark kawaii look that many japanese girls had). I did all I could but nothing worked and since we don't have any lolita store here, I just looked like that.
I also realized I needed a new haircut, because the previous time I cut it and dyed it, after a few days the color faded and the haircut wasn't anything special... My hair was chocolate brown, red and blonde at the same time, when it was dark brown when I dyed it in BLACK!!! It shouldn't look like that at all (don't ever go to any Jean Louis David hairdresser, or it will happen to you too). And since my bangs were getting a little bigger than was supposed to, I decided that this x-tmas I should get a new haircut.
I started to listen to more Jrock bands and got into the VK style... I made a list of things I REALLY needed to buy and they were really accessible for my surprise.
I looked over a thousand VK hairstyles but they all had the same problem: too short for a girl. And I really wanted to keep looking like a girl... really.... most of the girls in the Jrock industrie look like boys or are too similar...
Anyway I got a good example of how my hair should look and showed my mum - she was terrified! She made a scandal and almost forbid me to get that haircut. I was really nervous the day before I got it...
In between all of this, I started following some gothic youtube channels (kazlovesbats and itwistedyourstitches... owww and also killnatalie) and I really got that feeling, when I heard them speaking, that we had lots in common and that I also thought like them... I got that strange feeling that somehow I belong to the gothic culture more than I should. And I realised that many people were asking me if I was a goth... which I clearly answered 'NO!'. It made me think a lot... and then I realised, by watching more people, and reading blogs that who I was was no different from those gothic girls... So I got a little dis-attached to the VK style.
Anyway, when I got into the hairdresser, I asked the lady there to show me the cataloge with the hairstyles. I liked two of them and I was really really undecided of which I wanted: one of those two or the one I brought from home...
So the lady told me 'Oh... so you like them? I know exactly what kind of haircut you're needing'.
And she made this haircut I've been showing you on the last photos.
I got really happy with it. It was the haircut I wanted for so so long!!! And I realized that effectively there was no turning back: I was already a goth inside and now also a bit outside.

Don't misunderstand me guys, I didn't stop liking the GazettE or anyother VK band because of fact I was a bit doubtful on how could a goth like Jrock, but there are gothic lolitas anyway... they should like Jrock!
And why not being a little different from what's the norm? Isn't it the goth's purpose?...
So yeah... this is how I got into this life ^^
I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and if you have any doubt ask me or any of those girls I mentioned above... or even google GOTH. It isn't anything like what your parents tell you it is: no satanic things, no depressive behavior... we're just like normal persons, only with a lot more imagination and a dark taste for life.


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