quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012

Am Back

Hi everyone! This has been really insane to me... So I'm gonna explain all of it really quickly:
I've made into college this year and so I have been really really really busy for blogging... well... I kinda had some free time, but I usually use it to go out with my friends  so... I don't have much spare time [right now I'm studying guided lectures because I have an exam in... -10hours... awesome, right? --''
Well, I have been quite into a rollercoster of style changes: first I decided I wanted to become Visual Kei, then Gothic Lolita... and after a long long research and inner searching I discovered I've been goth for like... EVER!!!! [I'll talk more about this later, and how I found it out].
So basically I decided I had to get a new haircut and that it wasn't bad at all to make a lil' famous, right?
I'll be making videos for youtube these holidays :) I'll give you my channel as soon as I have it.
Well, beyond that I've been really busy giving style advices to my bestfriend's sister's friends and herself as well. I've been really excited about this because these girls really know that they want to get into the alternative life :) [if you don't mind that I call it this way].
I'll be bringing some news as soon as I can.
Here is how I look right now:

I'll show more fotos as soon as I can :)



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