quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2012

Really Sad Evening

I everyone :) I have just cameback from a shower... It has been raining the whole day... It's really awful!
I was on the bus stop and the cars were just throwing water on me and my pants were all dirty T.T I mean it. First thing I did was to take a really really hot shower.
I still have a lot to think of this week: tomorrow's plans seem to be off (cuz my best friend's getting sick :( ) ; I have one german portfolio to deliver next thursday, three exams: german, literature and english...lots of work to do.
Wish me luck...
Oh now that I remember I still have that "finding my inner goth" post to write...
Just let me dry my hair and I'll post it later... Am really really tired!

Bis bald!



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