domingo, 26 de janeiro de 2014

I've been fucked up for so long

I guess stability is not my middle name.... unf --''

For people who don't know me, I've been through a lot the last year... and only now I'm beginning to make up for my mistakes and put my shits together...

My style changed so much the last year... more than it has my whole life... TO GET THE TO EXACT SAME SHIT I WAS A YEAR AGO xD

I do not want to label myself anymore... I guess I am myself, Kago Asuka, 19 years old - a bit of a strange looking person -> but really nice inside... who loves goth/nu goth/visual kei/lolita fashion, who loves visual kei music and has a deep fascination for Japan and the Gothic Culture.

I'll totally still use this, I haven't got much time because of my exams and all the mess in my head... 2014 has only started and already left deep marks on me.

For news, well I bought new shoes, new hair clips and a couple more thing ^^

A 10mm plug, a new bell (the old one was totally unusable ... for emotional reasons), and a new ring that I just love *-*

Here are my new shoes: the DEMONIA KERA... around 10cm platform and perfect 

And my beloved KREEPSVILLE 666 skelleton hands hair clips that I want for so so long ^^

I guess this is all for now.
Am also attempting to change my hairstyle for something I love her hair. as a matter of fact I love her whole style, and take her and Ash Costello (New Year's Day's lead singer) as my inspirations :) go check them ^^

By the way, here are my social networks update:
Twitter: @kagoasukachan
Instagram: kagoasuka_official

Here you have everything ^^
I'll catch up with you guys later, this week I'm going shopping :P

terça-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2013

Back... To stay

So... has it been half a year or so?

I know so many time... But I made my mind and I'm here to stay ^^

I really missed writing posts once a week... I really do miss it.

So... news...

So many things have happened... Love life apart (cuz this is not the topic I want to share), I've gone through a hell of a change and you wouldn't probably recognize me now...

From this....

To this...

I know... one hell of a change...
It's because I finally decided to embrace some sort of Japanese style mix... because that's who I am .... and That's how I feel... Though I still dress a lot of goth clothing, my main worry now is to bring a VK/ Lolita Kei look to visual... That's why I've started shopping online instead of going to Androm as I usually did.

And yes, I've made progresses so far... I'd like to show you guys, but not now :P I'll make a review on my new clothing items as soon as I can.

But for now... HAPPY NEW YEAR, and please stay with me no matter what ^^

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domingo, 7 de julho de 2013

I'm alive :)

Hi dear readers, have you missed me?

I'm sorry for all this waiting, my life is a mess x3 but who's isn't?

So, my style has been changing quite a bit.... a lot of things happened and I bought so many stuff ^^ Gonna post a haul video or post tomorrow or someday I feel like it, it's really hot in here so I badly want to move out of my bedroom....

I've decided to apply for Asian Studies next year. Am finally going to do something that I like. Of course I'm a bit scared of everything, because it's all new and I have to learn everything from the very start but I'll work hard to make it ^^

I am also re-decorating my bedroom... I haven't made many progresses so far, but I'm also renewing some furniture items, that's why it is taking so long.

I say goodbye with a new pic of me ^^

(presenting some new clothing items and my new galaxy SIII mini *-*)

Thanks for waiting <3 p="">
Strange Saint

sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

My circle lenses have arrived :)

Hi candies :3

I'm really happy, because my circle lenses arrived yesterday *-* I ordered them at  and they took about a week to get here. They cost 15€ and they last for a whole year. Here you have some pics:

You can see quite a difference they make to my eyes.... bigger... even bigger than what they really are xD

My color is Pink - Misty Night. Most likely I'm gonna order some of these in blue soon :3
And also, they came with an extra 1 day pair of black circle lenses ^^ I'm gonna use them on a really special occasion.

And I also bought some pretty amazing stuff last week at Tally.

Finally a SAINT shirt ^^ I removed the sleeve of the shirt and made it tank top xD I'll show you later, I haven't taken pictures with that yet ._. but yeah, both of the shirts are really good and comfy. Next I'm gonna try to buy something more romantic ^^ and a corset xD

domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Circle lenses and Demonias

Hi everyone :3

I came here to tell you that I ordered my circle lenses today *-* they must get here before anicomics *-* (if anyone who reads this will be there, say something please :3 )

They're just simple pink circle lenses, as soon as I get them, I'll make a review or something, and of course, I'll leave the link then.

Another good thing is that I already bought my so wanted Demonia sprites 01 in black and white, last friday, as I said in the last post.

I don't have any picture with them yet, but I'll post something soon.

And basically, that's it ^^ am also working on some creepy cute secret projects :P so, see you soon *-*  (creepy cute, pastel goth, anime and kawaii tumblr ^^)

domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

News :)

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I wrote... many things have happened..

Well, I've had many many school works to do, have been spending as much time as I can with my boyfriend, last weekend I went to Iberanime LX 2013 and my style has been constantly changing 0.0

About my style, am trying again a strange mix of goth, pastel goth, anime doll and ero lolita... never mind, I don't think I'll ever make to perfection...

I cut my hair about two weeks ago or something... and it's looking a lot like Bill Kaulitz in 2006 *-*

About IA 2013, well, I spent most of it working to be able to be together with my boyfriend, so I haven't seen much of it... but have seen enough to get some inspiration to my style *-* I hope I'll buy some cute shoes next friday with a new friend of mine, that I also me there... We have a lot in common and I'm liking him a lot :)

When it comes to college, I better not say anything at all T-T
Am starting to look for a summer job, so I can earn money enough to order my demonias *-* and am starting to have my own crafting project... I will upload videos as soon as I get something done :)

 Thanks for reading this
Love you all


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quarta-feira, 13 de março de 2013

Hi guys ^^
(am laughing my ass out of Gore, 'cuz she put a big pic of Bill Kaulitz as wallpaper of one of the computers in College)
And suddenly this came out: