domingo, 7 de julho de 2013

I'm alive :)

Hi dear readers, have you missed me?

I'm sorry for all this waiting, my life is a mess x3 but who's isn't?

So, my style has been changing quite a bit.... a lot of things happened and I bought so many stuff ^^ Gonna post a haul video or post tomorrow or someday I feel like it, it's really hot in here so I badly want to move out of my bedroom....

I've decided to apply for Asian Studies next year. Am finally going to do something that I like. Of course I'm a bit scared of everything, because it's all new and I have to learn everything from the very start but I'll work hard to make it ^^

I am also re-decorating my bedroom... I haven't made many progresses so far, but I'm also renewing some furniture items, that's why it is taking so long.

I say goodbye with a new pic of me ^^

(presenting some new clothing items and my new galaxy SIII mini *-*)

Thanks for waiting <3 p="">
Strange Saint

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