terça-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2013

Back... To stay

So... has it been half a year or so?

I know so many time... But I made my mind and I'm here to stay ^^

I really missed writing posts once a week... I really do miss it.

So... news...

So many things have happened... Love life apart (cuz this is not the topic I want to share), I've gone through a hell of a change and you wouldn't probably recognize me now...

From this....

To this...

I know... one hell of a change...
It's because I finally decided to embrace some sort of Japanese style mix... because that's who I am .... and That's how I feel... Though I still dress a lot of goth clothing, my main worry now is to bring a VK/ Lolita Kei look to visual... That's why I've started shopping online instead of going to Androm as I usually did.

And yes, I've made progresses so far... I'd like to show you guys, but not now :P I'll make a review on my new clothing items as soon as I can.

But for now... HAPPY NEW YEAR, and please stay with me no matter what ^^

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