domingo, 26 de janeiro de 2014

I've been fucked up for so long

I guess stability is not my middle name.... unf --''

For people who don't know me, I've been through a lot the last year... and only now I'm beginning to make up for my mistakes and put my shits together...

My style changed so much the last year... more than it has my whole life... TO GET THE TO EXACT SAME SHIT I WAS A YEAR AGO xD

I do not want to label myself anymore... I guess I am myself, Kago Asuka, 19 years old - a bit of a strange looking person -> but really nice inside... who loves goth/nu goth/visual kei/lolita fashion, who loves visual kei music and has a deep fascination for Japan and the Gothic Culture.

I'll totally still use this, I haven't got much time because of my exams and all the mess in my head... 2014 has only started and already left deep marks on me.

For news, well I bought new shoes, new hair clips and a couple more thing ^^

A 10mm plug, a new bell (the old one was totally unusable ... for emotional reasons), and a new ring that I just love *-*

Here are my new shoes: the DEMONIA KERA... around 10cm platform and perfect 

And my beloved KREEPSVILLE 666 skelleton hands hair clips that I want for so so long ^^

I guess this is all for now.
Am also attempting to change my hairstyle for something I love her hair. as a matter of fact I love her whole style, and take her and Ash Costello (New Year's Day's lead singer) as my inspirations :) go check them ^^

By the way, here are my social networks update:
Twitter: @kagoasukachan
Instagram: kagoasuka_official

Here you have everything ^^
I'll catch up with you guys later, this week I'm going shopping :P

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