domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Road to ... my first Youtube video :P

Hi dear followers ^^

I'm so happy! I've just recorded my first youtube video! well two actually: one in English and the other in portuguese.

I still have to edit them so... it will take me like two or three days til I post it on youtube.

This is just a picture of me. That's the outfit I'm wearing today ^^

So hmmm... now I have a lot to do xD

Stay Strong!



sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2012

My creepers have just arrived *w*

Hi everyone!

As you can read from my title, I'm really excited because my creepers finally got here *w*

They're so pretty *W* aren't they? I'm really really happy :D And I'm really surprised they arrived so fast, because they've only sent it yesterday. It came on a box with an Ekstra sticker and a rubber bracelet in it. (I love the fact they sent the pink one <3 p="p">

So, today I went to the sales opening at my local mall with my cousin and bought a simple black tank top with lace, no big deal really. There wasn't anything worth spending my money. 

And I finally cut my bangs, they were getting extremely long and I couldn't make that hairstyle I did in the beginning. Maybe I'll upload a video on this stuff .. dunno yet cause the next two days are already scheduled with my family, but I'll do everything I can :)

Here is a picture of me:



quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2012


Hi my dearest readers :)

I haven't really post anything lately :( I'm so sorry about that !!!

How was X-mas for you? Well, my X-mas day was quite agreeable and I had really good gifts this year, mostly money to spend at Androm (where I'm going next Saturday with Gore (HannakellyGore, for the ones who don't know - she's my bestfriend). I'll make an Haul Video (yeah my first youtube video *.*) next Sunday to show what I got :P

For now I'll show you my gift to myself: a ZOMBIE necklace I was dying to buy for so long:

I bought this at Claire's and it costed about 6€ and it's drop dead perfect *.*

I'll be updating some new the next days because I don't really have anything to do now xD
By the way, my new creepers must arrive next Monday. I bought them at, click here to see them. I love them to DEATH!!!! The only thing I feel missing is a matching nail polish (which reminds me I have to decorate my nail polish's box). I have to think carefully about that xD

I'll post later :)



terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012

Today Hannakellygore isn't coming to have lunch with me T.T
Does someone want to...? *w*
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so bored!!! Really, even thinking that classes are almost over doesn't make me feel any better. I know I'll want to go out but I won't have any one to go out with me or something like that T.T
Yes I don't have anything else better to say --'' just that I'm extremely bored. And that I have an account:
Go there and ask me something please *W*
Love you all


segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2012


Today I feel sexy xDDD

Well that's because I've been listening to Jefree Star's song "Beauty Killer"... Really, I don't know why I like his musics. It doesn't have anything to do with my personal music taste but I can't help it xDD

So yeah, today my exams' season ended. I'm really happy and also relieved because I don't have anything else to memorize!

Another thing that also made me really happy was that I found that YOIN (by the GazettE) was composed by Aoi-san *w* and it's like: MY FAVORITE DIVISION'S SONG EVEEER!! (and also that Leader-sama composed KAGO NO SANAGI <3>

I'm happy to know that these other members (specially Aoi-san) are making my favorite songs now ^^ It's not that I don't like Ruki-san's songs, it's just that all my old favorite songs were composed by him and now it feels like there is a new air to breathe.

And for last, I'm about to get into Vacations from 19th December til 13th February *w* I'm so lucky guys! I'll have so much free time to record videos and take photos... or just go out with my friends. I'm really really happy ^^

Also, I have the feeling that this X-mas, even with less gifts and stuff, it's definitively going to be better or... more awesome!!! <3 font="font">
As soon as I have news I'll post. hope you guys like me *0* (and listen to DIVISION's songs as well) 



domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012

Ask me questions

I was trying to study today... but I can't --''
Am not focused enough :(

So I was wondering what you may want to know about me ... Feel free to ask me anything really!
If you want a post about my wardrobe or my shoe collection or bags... cds... anything, just ask for it ^^

About the video I spoke about the other day, well... It's difficult. Hannakelly said that it was too "calm" and that we should make something funnier... so, 25 minutes of video worth for nothing!

This Christmas vacations I should be free enough to record something on my own (I hope), so wait for it ^^

And please, le me know anything I can do for you :) 



(if you don't have an account, ask me through facebook or tumblr)

quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2012

Social Networks update

I know I've already started to miss my promise to post almost everyday... I have so many works I don't even want to think of them --''
So, for a quick post (and since I've changed all the urls) here is an update of my social networks:

My personal Facebook:

My Like page:

My personal and Gothic Tumblr:

My Jrock/Visual kei Tumblr:

My Last fm account:

My we<3it account:="account:" http:="http:" nbsp="nbsp" p="p" sora_saint="sora_saint""">
My twitter nickname: @sora_saint

And basically that's it... I think I might have a Vampirefreaks account but I can't really remember my password or my nickname for that, so I guess only if you ask me really bad I'll create one...

Hope you like my blog and follow me on those other accounts


(p.s. - this friday I'll record a video to post on youtube with my best friend, so then I'll tell you my youtube account :P)

segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2012

Dear Parents...

(I know I've already made a post like this, but it was a while ago, so I thought it would be more correct if I just wrote it again, for you to know what I think about parents in general and my own)

Dear parents,

We, the gothic / alternative kids, wished you'd read this letter and face it like humans. Don't just read it and say you don't care or that all we say are childish things... We are already old enough to know what we want from our lives. We already know what path to take. We already know what our lives are about to become.
We don't need you to call us emo, baby bats, freaks... there are other people who also call us that outside our homes, and we don't really need you to glance at us by the corner of your eye and shake you shoulders while thinking you have been raising a FREAK KID... We honestly don't need you to tell us that we are your shame. We already know that by your look when we're all together, having dinner, walking on the shopping... We know you don't like us to dress so dark and weird and we know that the first thing you think when you see us with a full black outfit is 'I've raised this demon'.
We don't need to believe your god, we have our own god to believe in: OURSELVES. Because if we didn't believe in ourselves, we would be all alone out there. You don't know how many times we've tried to tell you that religion doesn't matter; that's all an institution trying to brainwash all of us, and that it changes through times... and that above all, We're  not satanic and we don't worship the devil. Because if we did that, we'd have to believe in god as well (they are arch enemies after all, they supposedly create a balance between good and evil) but we don't...
When you see us so dark, it doesn't mean we are depressed... it's only our way to express our dark creativity. If people are allowed to dress fully in white, or fully in pink, why aren't we allowed to dress fully in black? Is it because it represents mourning? Did you know that the official color for funerals in Asia is white?
And that black is usually related to strength? 

I bet you didn't...
When you forbid us to buy something or to dye our hairs on a weird color, you're just fanning our flames. These will never fade... Want to know why? Because as you struggle for us to leave "this bad life", we also struggle to move on with our ideas...
I know you have that traditional vampiric goth or victorian goth stereotype on your heads, and that is hard to distinguish between all of those styles based on black clothing but the truth is there are dozens of gothic variations, and not all of those dress fully in black. And actually, neither do us dress always in black!
Did you know that there are goths who always dress white?
Or did you know that there are goths who you'll never label as goths, because those are inner goths.
Gothic is a culture. Just like a country's culture, but in smaller scales spread around the globe. It is mainly about enjoying the dark side of life (it does not mean it has to be depressive or about the devil), such as the deepest emotions or the scariest fables. And we don't like Halloween because it might be a ceremony that is somehow connected to the devil: just like you have carnival, we have Halloween. And we like to have fun with it.
Why do we label ourselves goths? Well, as you enjoy to belong to a certain family, we also want to have one, one that accepts us as we are, one that understands the way we feel and that support us to carry on. That family we find are those goth friends you meet and blame for our awkwardness.
We're not that influenced! We have our own minds and hearts: that's why after all of those insults we are still the persons we were when they first started.

And having all of this said, I think you might have now an idea of what we have to go trough just because of you, so a little more understanding would be appreciated.

I hope you start making our lives a bit easier. We're not bad people, and beside all: WE ARE YOUR KIDS!!! and you're hurting us too much when you tell us that we are freaks.


domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2012


Hi everyone!

So, I'm home today to study for my next exams but... I don't really feel like it so I stayed all day on facebook and watching VK videos...
Then I thought to myself 'well, I could do something better and post something or make a tutorial'. I looked in the mirror 'my hair looks like crap'... so I'm just going to tell you why and how I became goth (I know you can not become goth, you are goth... so sorry but I can't really say it another way....)
You guys know how fangirl I was (and still) of the GazettE and any VK bands... I really got into that style. And since my personal style has been stolen by hundreds of other girls I decided I wouldn't want to get fashionable after all of these years of being an outcast... By the way, If anyone does not know, I was one of the first nu goth girls in Portugal... then fashion took that privilege and I became one of the girls...
That time I decided I'd be a gothic lolita (but really, my wardrobe has nothing to do with a lolita so I got that dark kawaii look that many japanese girls had). I did all I could but nothing worked and since we don't have any lolita store here, I just looked like that.
I also realized I needed a new haircut, because the previous time I cut it and dyed it, after a few days the color faded and the haircut wasn't anything special... My hair was chocolate brown, red and blonde at the same time, when it was dark brown when I dyed it in BLACK!!! It shouldn't look like that at all (don't ever go to any Jean Louis David hairdresser, or it will happen to you too). And since my bangs were getting a little bigger than was supposed to, I decided that this x-tmas I should get a new haircut.
I started to listen to more Jrock bands and got into the VK style... I made a list of things I REALLY needed to buy and they were really accessible for my surprise.
I looked over a thousand VK hairstyles but they all had the same problem: too short for a girl. And I really wanted to keep looking like a girl... really.... most of the girls in the Jrock industrie look like boys or are too similar...
Anyway I got a good example of how my hair should look and showed my mum - she was terrified! She made a scandal and almost forbid me to get that haircut. I was really nervous the day before I got it...
In between all of this, I started following some gothic youtube channels (kazlovesbats and itwistedyourstitches... owww and also killnatalie) and I really got that feeling, when I heard them speaking, that we had lots in common and that I also thought like them... I got that strange feeling that somehow I belong to the gothic culture more than I should. And I realised that many people were asking me if I was a goth... which I clearly answered 'NO!'. It made me think a lot... and then I realised, by watching more people, and reading blogs that who I was was no different from those gothic girls... So I got a little dis-attached to the VK style.
Anyway, when I got into the hairdresser, I asked the lady there to show me the cataloge with the hairstyles. I liked two of them and I was really really undecided of which I wanted: one of those two or the one I brought from home...
So the lady told me 'Oh... so you like them? I know exactly what kind of haircut you're needing'.
And she made this haircut I've been showing you on the last photos.
I got really happy with it. It was the haircut I wanted for so so long!!! And I realized that effectively there was no turning back: I was already a goth inside and now also a bit outside.

Don't misunderstand me guys, I didn't stop liking the GazettE or anyother VK band because of fact I was a bit doubtful on how could a goth like Jrock, but there are gothic lolitas anyway... they should like Jrock!
And why not being a little different from what's the norm? Isn't it the goth's purpose?...
So yeah... this is how I got into this life ^^
I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and if you have any doubt ask me or any of those girls I mentioned above... or even google GOTH. It isn't anything like what your parents tell you it is: no satanic things, no depressive behavior... we're just like normal persons, only with a lot more imagination and a dark taste for life.


quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2012

Really Sad Evening

I everyone :) I have just cameback from a shower... It has been raining the whole day... It's really awful!
I was on the bus stop and the cars were just throwing water on me and my pants were all dirty T.T I mean it. First thing I did was to take a really really hot shower.
I still have a lot to think of this week: tomorrow's plans seem to be off (cuz my best friend's getting sick :( ) ; I have one german portfolio to deliver next thursday, three exams: german, literature and english...lots of work to do.
Wish me luck...
Oh now that I remember I still have that "finding my inner goth" post to write...
Just let me dry my hair and I'll post it later... Am really really tired!

Bis bald!



Finally finished the test

Well, now that i'm out of class finally I can post something...
The test was extremely easy and we could all cheat on it because the teacher stayed all the class reading a book on his desk. Oh and this HOT HOT HOT guy had test too. He's like the hottest guy in the whole college: dresses fully in black, wears skiny jeans and creepers, has curly dark hair like Andy Biersack and wears earings *w* he's so hot!!!!
Anyway, that was about half of the time I took to do the test: starring at him, thinking how beautiful he was...

But let's talk about what really matters. Today I went out of house with the creepiest make up ever (only if I had my contacts it would look even better T.T) and my mum was like: What the hell is that on you eyes? For Christ's sake!!! This girl... ; then she turned around and let me do my hair :) I'm happy she didn't forbid me to wear it... Sometimes she does that you know.

This is the make up I'm wearing. I really really like it :)

I'm also wearing my jack skellington tee and my zebra creepers.

So yeah, I may be a freak, but at least I'M A HAPPY FREAK :)



quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012

Am Back

Hi everyone! This has been really insane to me... So I'm gonna explain all of it really quickly:
I've made into college this year and so I have been really really really busy for blogging... well... I kinda had some free time, but I usually use it to go out with my friends  so... I don't have much spare time [right now I'm studying guided lectures because I have an exam in... -10hours... awesome, right? --''
Well, I have been quite into a rollercoster of style changes: first I decided I wanted to become Visual Kei, then Gothic Lolita... and after a long long research and inner searching I discovered I've been goth for like... EVER!!!! [I'll talk more about this later, and how I found it out].
So basically I decided I had to get a new haircut and that it wasn't bad at all to make a lil' famous, right?
I'll be making videos for youtube these holidays :) I'll give you my channel as soon as I have it.
Well, beyond that I've been really busy giving style advices to my bestfriend's sister's friends and herself as well. I've been really excited about this because these girls really know that they want to get into the alternative life :) [if you don't mind that I call it this way].
I'll be bringing some news as soon as I can.
Here is how I look right now:

I'll show more fotos as soon as I can :)