sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2012

My creepers have just arrived *w*

Hi everyone!

As you can read from my title, I'm really excited because my creepers finally got here *w*

They're so pretty *W* aren't they? I'm really really happy :D And I'm really surprised they arrived so fast, because they've only sent it yesterday. It came on a box with an Ekstra sticker and a rubber bracelet in it. (I love the fact they sent the pink one <3 p="p">

So, today I went to the sales opening at my local mall with my cousin and bought a simple black tank top with lace, no big deal really. There wasn't anything worth spending my money. 

And I finally cut my bangs, they were getting extremely long and I couldn't make that hairstyle I did in the beginning. Maybe I'll upload a video on this stuff .. dunno yet cause the next two days are already scheduled with my family, but I'll do everything I can :)

Here is a picture of me:



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