domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Circle lenses and Demonias

Hi everyone :3

I came here to tell you that I ordered my circle lenses today *-* they must get here before anicomics *-* (if anyone who reads this will be there, say something please :3 )

They're just simple pink circle lenses, as soon as I get them, I'll make a review or something, and of course, I'll leave the link then.

Another good thing is that I already bought my so wanted Demonia sprites 01 in black and white, last friday, as I said in the last post.

I don't have any picture with them yet, but I'll post something soon.

And basically, that's it ^^ am also working on some creepy cute secret projects :P so, see you soon *-*  (creepy cute, pastel goth, anime and kawaii tumblr ^^)

domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

News :)

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I wrote... many things have happened..

Well, I've had many many school works to do, have been spending as much time as I can with my boyfriend, last weekend I went to Iberanime LX 2013 and my style has been constantly changing 0.0

About my style, am trying again a strange mix of goth, pastel goth, anime doll and ero lolita... never mind, I don't think I'll ever make to perfection...

I cut my hair about two weeks ago or something... and it's looking a lot like Bill Kaulitz in 2006 *-*

About IA 2013, well, I spent most of it working to be able to be together with my boyfriend, so I haven't seen much of it... but have seen enough to get some inspiration to my style *-* I hope I'll buy some cute shoes next friday with a new friend of mine, that I also me there... We have a lot in common and I'm liking him a lot :)

When it comes to college, I better not say anything at all T-T
Am starting to look for a summer job, so I can earn money enough to order my demonias *-* and am starting to have my own crafting project... I will upload videos as soon as I get something done :)

 Thanks for reading this
Love you all


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