domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012

Ask me questions

I was trying to study today... but I can't --''
Am not focused enough :(

So I was wondering what you may want to know about me ... Feel free to ask me anything really!
If you want a post about my wardrobe or my shoe collection or bags... cds... anything, just ask for it ^^

About the video I spoke about the other day, well... It's difficult. Hannakelly said that it was too "calm" and that we should make something funnier... so, 25 minutes of video worth for nothing!

This Christmas vacations I should be free enough to record something on my own (I hope), so wait for it ^^

And please, le me know anything I can do for you :) 



(if you don't have an account, ask me through facebook or tumblr)

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