sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

My circle lenses have arrived :)

Hi candies :3

I'm really happy, because my circle lenses arrived yesterday *-* I ordered them at kpoptown.com  and they took about a week to get here. They cost 15€ and they last for a whole year. Here you have some pics:

You can see quite a difference they make to my eyes.... bigger... even bigger than what they really are xD

My color is Pink - Misty Night. Most likely I'm gonna order some of these in blue soon :3
And also, they came with an extra 1 day pair of black circle lenses ^^ I'm gonna use them on a really special occasion.

And I also bought some pretty amazing stuff last week at Tally.

Finally a SAINT shirt ^^ I removed the sleeve of the shirt and made it tank top xD I'll show you later, I haven't taken pictures with that yet ._. but yeah, both of the shirts are really good and comfy. Next I'm gonna try to buy something more romantic ^^ and a corset xD

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