sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2013

It has been a MONTH!!!

Hi dear readers...

So... yeah... it has been almost a month since I published something...

First, I have to apologize to everyone! It has been a really tough month for me, it brought me so many changes and challenges you can never imagine...

So, not saying too much about my personal love life, it has been a hell of a crap that's turning slowly into a good thing.
Let's wait to see :P

About my style... I had this secret project of being scene goth... and somehow it turned my head upside down and basically I totally forgot who I was in between... I had to make a introspection to realize what I really wanted! So, I came back to the way I was ^^

I'm waiting to have my hair black again so I can make a video... --'' (yeah... I know it has been forever since I uploaded those videos... but... the ones I recorded didn't have anything to do with ME... they're like my best friend so... yup better not upload anything to upload something that to myself looks fake.

I hope you keep following me, 

I love you all


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