sábado, 19 de janeiro de 2013

Get ready youtube - I have new videos

So today, after a great day yesterday, I went to Gore's place.
(I'll let you know everything that happened yesterday, tomorrow morning)

Before letting you know what happened at Gore's, I'll tell you how my day started: with a troublesome storm! Well, this morning was a really rainy and windy one. I almost felt like it was a hurricane! I can't imagine how a hurricane really is 0.0 I only know that I barely slept last night with all the noises from wind making everything break and move outside. Fortunately nothing important broke.

Then I did everything regularly, like always having breakfast, cleaning the room, taking a bath, dress up my new clothes (related with tomorrow's post), do my hair and make up...

And I started watching this new anime Togainu no chi. It's about a division of Japan during the 3rd WW, in which Tokyo was taken and renamed Toshima. The maine character, named Akira (and basically this name was the cause why I started watching it. Reita-san's real name's also Akira) is a sort of a professional figther who was accused of a murder (he didn't kill anyone though), so this woman appears and proposes him to go to Toshima and get some tags to enter a certain championship to tear down a chemical industry. When Akira gets there he finds these guys who try to kill him (yup first thing you see is guys trying to kill you).  Then appears this gorgeous guy, dressed in a full leather outfit with a long leather jacket, you know those kinda guys a girl would drop dead instantly... He saves him, slaying the guys with a sword (that kinda makes him even more attractive. I love men with swords *w* ). And basically this is all I can tell you because I haven't seen further episodes, only the first one.

Why I started watching it? Because I finished watching Ao no Exorcist and since I'm on school break now, I have tons of free time to waste xD

Moving on...  I went to Gore's place and we ended up making a lot of stuff:
1. First we chatted about our diaries, and clothing stuff
2.We decided we should record a video
3.We baked a cake
4.I helped Gore with her hairstyle
5.We recorded a video about fashion
6.We recorded a video dancing to Jeffree Star's "Beauty Killer" and her mum came into the room in the middle of the video xDD
7.We recorded a video dancing Death To Your Heart, by BOTDF
8. We watched Adventure Time (I don't really watch it, but Gore and her sister were so did I ^^ it didn't kill me)
9.We watched freaky videos on youtube
10.I had dinner there

Then I left.

So I did quite a few thigs today :) I'm only not certain about the dance videos, because you know how I am: more a serious person, but I also have this funny kid side so... 
The choices of the musics were made by Gore. She's more into that kinda stuff. I wanted to dance Kakusei no Heroism (An Cafe) but she said she didn't feel like dancing it...

So, yeah I guess it was all I did today xD

I'll upload the videos as soons as I have them ready.



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