domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2013

I have awesome news

Hi dear readers,

I'm so sorry. I'm probably letting you down again because I really haven't post anything lately. I have been studying for my German exam...

So, I haven't gone shopping for awhile and since I found that there was a shop selling these amazing cheap velvet leggins I went there, took advantage of the situation and ate at the japanese restaurant as well ehehe xD

But, probably those aren't the best things in the world and NOT WHAT I CAME HERE TO TELL YOU.
Hummm... Well, you are all familiar with Escape The Fate, right? You all know their ex-bassist Max Green, right? Well... three days ago I received this notification telling me that he subscribed my activities on facebook (and that's the real Max, not a roleplayer)...

The thing is: I'M TOO SHY TO GO TALK TO HIM!!! I'm afraid that for some reason he doesn't like me or anything...

What do you think I should do? please let me know, I'm restless...




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