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Facts about me (updated 2013)

Hi dear followers. This post is a review of an elder one I made almost a year ago. You can totally tell why I’m doing this… I mean, I have changed so much lately --“Anyway, here goes 20 facts about me:

1.                  I hate my natural hair color (dark brown) and so far I’ve only dyed it black. I’m looking forward to dye it in purple or white one day *w* My hairstyle isn’t that bad now. I’m really happy with the way it looks.
2.                  What I want the most is not a cat, as I said before but to achieve the look I want. It’s not the fact that I’m afraid of anything, I’m just not rich –‘’
3.                  I’m always nice to everyone, and I don’t really understand why I shouldn’t or why people shouldn’t like me because my personality is really outstanding and my friends usually say that I get everyone’s attention.
4.                  I still hate to see people suffer: I see no need to make anyone unhappy by saying mean things or to see someone getting hurt and wasting their lives waiting for a dream to come true when we’re actually all real and we have to try
5.                  I'm anti-bullying, because since 6th grade I suffer from it and it hasn't been like living on heaven. It brought me many challenges and I lost most of my friends because of this (this sentence I kept, because it is still true)
6.                  I'm too selective when it comes to friendship and love relationships. Sometimes I can be really mean because I do not like the way someone reacts, but I don’t hate anyone, just don’t go out with him/her
7.                  I love Japan and most … no! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT JAPAN! Since the language, the culture, fashion, lifestyle and music. Everything there is perfect *w* and men are just gorgeous!
8.                  Truth to be said, I have Asian ascendency , that’s why my skin is slightly darker, with golden shades (which I hate --´´)
9.                  I wouldn’t say these days that my mother ruined my childhood by breaking that cat with the drums… she basically ruins my entire life! Don’t take it personally, but my mum is a really tough one, really hard to stand with.
10.               A really funny fact since last year  is that I didn’t really felt like standing out to much, so basically I wore lot’s of regular shopping clothing… Nowadays I don’t really like to shop there, I always go to Androm or order things from Ekstra, because the trend now is to be slightly inclined towards alternative fashion, but with a lot more mixture, and I don’t really feel like loosing my originality by having those overdone clothes we have on shops. They really bother me – it’s almost like a fake channel bag!
11.               Black Veil Brides songs still reflect my inner being and with the new album, I feel like the gap is getting even smaller. We’re now also sharing that fighter spirit.
12.               I label myself a goth so I don’t really have any problems with labels now. I used to have because my mum and ex-boyfriend didn’t really like that at all, they still say it’s a childish thing but I only feel like I’m belonging somewhere else, somewhere I’m accepted!
13.               I feel a deep hole on my heart by knowing that I won’t probably find anyone just like me. It’s that feeling as if you were all alone at some point. It’s weird….
14.               I used to say that having tattoos was a really important goal to achieve, but it doesn’t seem like that to me anymore. My goal today is to keep me where I am for some time…
15.               Since I started to date my boyfriend I tend to be more emotional. Before that I was heartless and broken - > just for you to know…
16.               People staring at me doesn’t really bother me. In fact it bothers me more if they don’t look… Strange! Or better – I’M USED TO HAVE EVERYONE STARING AT ME, better now xD
17.               People may think that my bias are goth/ metalhead guys… when in fact, my bias are Visual Kei guys *w* Goths and metalheads sometimes don’t like me, or most of the times scare me. I have this preference for skinny tall guys with pretty hair and pretty faces *w*
18.               I’m trying to get a collection of platform shoes, such as platform boots, demonias, creepers, platform mary janes… I’m still starting though
19.               My favorite color: BLACK… but I also like purple. (I never thought I’d end up liking only black and purple but I guess there’s no way around so…I’m a black widow –“)
20.               Last fact: I spent almost a month writing this because I didn’t know how to update a piece of writing I made with my elder facts… Those were mine, and so are these.

(me and Hannakelly Gore)

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